PokerStars Bonus Expired
I only cleared $100/$150 of the bonus PokerStars gave to me.  With an additional $20 in Stellar Rewards bonuses, the total is $120.  At this point I have to move over to Full Tilt, because the rakeback there outweighs the PokerStars VIP program at $0.50/1.   The good news is, I did well in the games and I'm out of make-up in less than 8,275 hands.

1.7BB/100 over a little sample is nice to have.

I added the $120 of bonus money into Holdem Manager at the beginning.

So now we're at $860.63, with me getting half of everything over $850.  On to Full Tilt to grind rakeback.

By the way, I spend a lot of time on watching LaPeste videos, and I'll definitely spend some more time working with him.  I also really enjoyed GiantBuddha's commentary, so I plan on picking up a dragthebar membership so i can tune into these guys.


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