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Back In Action
I just started a new job last week, so havnt been playing the micros much, and it looks like I wont have to for now.  A former backer wants to stake me again.  I made him a bit of money dispite the worst downswing of my life in the fall, so he's down to reinvest.  Ive got $600 on Pokerstars plus $250 in makeup that he gave me for a little spending cash and to replace my video card.  After the $250 makeup ($150 of which will be a realod bonus that I have to clear), he'll get half of any winnings and rakeback.  The backer gets action for 30K hands before I can dilute his share.  So the plan for right now is to crush Stars $0.50/1 until the bonus is cleared, then move the bankroll over to FullTilt.  I expect the bonus to be cleared within 15K hands.  Hopefully I can knock out a couple thousand hands before my new video card arrives Wednesday, then I can start putting in 2.5K hands/night after my cool new job.

By the way, I got a new job as an analyst for an accounts payable contractor.  Its a relief to have some stability now, and I really like the position.

I'll update progress here.  Over/under on how many hands before I'm out of makeup?  I'll set it at 10K hands.


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