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Up to $50 in 10K hands
 Im showing a better than 3BB/100 winrate at Full Tilt 0.50/0.10 6max LHE, but its over only about 7K hands.  3BB/100 is a good winrate to ascribe to at this level and I think its a realistic rate if I keep my head in the game.  The rakeback rate at full tilt at 0.05/0.10 is 1.04BB/100 or about $0.10/100 hands.  Add to that the $0.30/100 I want to make and thats $0.40/100.  I also want to play about one quarter of my hands at Pokerstars, with the little money I have on that site.  3BB/100 at 0.02/0.04LHE is just $0.12/100, with no rakeback, but Im a masochist and want to run the money up on that site with no inter-site transfers.  So the total hybrid winrate Im shooting for is ~$0.33/100.  I need to make $31.12, so that should require about 10K hands.  I think I'll play Stars tonight and see if I can get a chunk done right away.


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