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Busto to ???
After cashing out for life expenses, running the remaining $40 up to $1200, and cashing it out again, I'm back in the mood to play and blog.  I have $16.33 spread over Full Tilt and Poker Stars, with a few points and some tournament tickets to use up.  I have six tickets to the Big Little Tournament to use up tomorrow.  Beyond that, I'll need $50 to play 0.01/0.02 PLO (25 buyins) and 0.10/0.20 LHE (250 BB), so the plan is to run up $16.33 to $50 by playing 0.05/.0.10 LHE on Full Tilt (with $12.17) and 0.02/0.04 LHE on Stars (with $4.16).  


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