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Living Like a Monk
I only got  411/2000 hands in today, but that 3 hour nap after work was a godsend.  Ive decided to really buckle down and restrict my budget for the next couple months because I want to save a bit for a possible trip to Vegas in June.  I might play a WSOP satellite or two for some of the smaller events.  In particular I'd like to try to get a spot in the $1500 NL 2-7 Single Draw event.  I can shop for pretty cheap flights, and would likely stay at Aria with a poker room rate, which is amazing value.  Until then, its work and cards for 8 weeks straight.  No drinking, shopping, or slacking.

I still have a reload bonus to clear on stars.  It should be done in 10K more hands and I'd like to complete that by Saturday night or Sunday night at the latest.  The first 6K hands of my reload bonus have been pretty much break-even.  Ive cleared an additional $70 in bonus money thats not showing in the report or on the graph.

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776/2000 hands actually done, but went on a 79BB rush. Winrate in the games is back at >1BB/100. The bonus at Stars is half cleared. I also am not very good at living like a monk, unless its a monk who cant resist having a couple beers when winding down after a rush like that. More to come this weekend.

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