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Ready to Give Up
Today saw another 150BB+ downswing in 2008 hands.  A draw on my account meant I had to move down to 1/2 for a while.  Then the cashout curse doomswitch hit.  I was hoping to be back at 2/4 by the end of this week, but 1/2 was a nightmare, dropping about 250BB without any significant up-ticks.  Now I have to decide if I want to wait this disaster out at 0.50/1 or just throw in the towel and cash out.

1/2 Disaster:

And here's all the LHE Ive played since getting HoldemManager in Spring 2008.  As you can see, this is a pretty inopportune downswing in what is normally a worthwhile effort.  As soon as I start playing full time, and as soon as I really need to run good or at least okay, disaster strikes.  The career peak on the winnings line at around hand 460,000 is the beginning of Level 3.  FML.


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